For years man has been in need of moments in life that make him feel completely free, moments that bring out fun, adventure and a deep connection with nature: TOURISM OF ADVENTURE.

Ta’akbil-Ja is a place located in the Nuevo Xcan area. It has a great wealth in flora and fauna, marvelous caverns and underground cenotes  that make it a truly unique place in the Mayan World. The place is designed to hold expeditions and specialized activities such as Rappel, Hiking and Swimming; fun and complete activities. 

TA’AKBIL-JA comes from the Mayan language and it means “hidden water”.

Come with us, dare to travel and explore one of the most amazing places in the world.

Join the experience and witness the natural architecture, formed over hundreds of years in history, which you will know through our Mayan Guides, qualified to make your adventure a an unforgettable event.


Ta’akbil-Ja is a tour that requires a great physical effort, therefore it is not recommended for people with heart conditions, those with any physical or motor handicap, nor pregnant women. It is carried out on very narrow and closed roads so it is also not recommended for claustrophobics nor overweighed persons.

It is not permitted to participate in the tour under the influence of alcohol or any other toxic or illegal substances.

The tour includes:


Transportation on vehicles with air conditioning.

Light breakfast

Bottle of water during tour (1 bottle per person)

Access to caverns and cenotes

Rappel equipment

Life jackets

Information of local flora and fauna

Cultural information about the region

Typical Mayan meal (Buffet)


The tour doesn’t include:



Alcoholic beverages

Photos and souvenirs


It is recommended to:


Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (trunks or capris and tennis shoes)

Another set of clothes

Bathing suit





*Access to cavern Ta’akbil-Ja 

- This cavern is located in the Nuevo Xcan area as well.

- To get to this natural relic we will hike for about 500 meters approximately. During this time our qualified Mayan Guides will tell us everything about the local flora and fauna

- When arriving we will do more hiking inside the cavern through canals and streams

- To go back we will walk the same 500-meter path 

Flora y Fauna Nuevo Xcan
seremonia maya
Entrada al Inframundo
primer acceso
sumergete al rio subterraneo
reliquias naturales
nada en el rio sagrado
nada en el rio sagrado
reliquias naturales
reliquias naturales
acceso al inframundo maya
ojo de agua sagrado del xibalba
sendero al inframundo

*Access to cenote Tzeldzonot   - This cenote is located at the back of Nuevo Xcan village on a rough dirt track. To get to this cenote we will switch to a 4x4 vehicle - This cenote features restrooms and changing rooms at the entrance (before switching vehicles you will be able to use these facilities if you need to) - When arriving to the cenote we will do rappel. Descent of 28 meters approximately 

-  Singing Rock harness

- Faders and Mad Rock carabiners

- Dynamic and static rope

- SBG belay/rappel device

- This cenote features a wooden latter for the ascent 

- It is possible to swim and we have life jackets available